variety of house salads served with home made pita bread
(price per person) 25 NIS

Hummus 20 NIS

Hummus with mushrooms 28 NIS

Hummus with meat 50 NIS

Tahini 20 NIS

Taboule 20 NIS

Grilled baladi eggplant 28 NIS

Grilled eggplant with tahini 20 NIS

Cauliflower with tahini 20 NIS

Arugula salad 20 NIS

Thinly chopped salad (small/ large) 20/28 NIS

Avocado salad (in season) 25 NIS

French fries (small / large) 20/28 NIS

Stuffed kubbeh with meat 7 NIS

Mjadra / Green wheat / Baked potatoes 15 NIS

Grilled Portobello mushrooms 28 NIS

Haj' fries - spinach-filled pastry, cheese-filled pastry, cheese fingers and olive balls 28 NIS

Fried goat cheese 35 NIS

A variety of vegetarian salads (price per person) 45 NIS

Iraqi pita, salsa & pickles (price per person) 10 NIS

House Specials

Labane with garlic and walnuts | Labane with wild mustard (in season) 28 NIS

Sabras slices with pickled labane balls (in season) 32 NIS

Wild chicory | Malva | Baladi spinach | Akoub | Green purslane (in season) 28 NIS

Beets with goat cheese and olive oil 30 NIS


Fillet 130 NIS

Fillet Rossini (Fillet with goose liver) 155 NIS

Entrecôte 110 NIS

Entrecôte and goose medallions 140 NIS

Spring chicken in herb marinade 60 NIS

Chicken breast in herb marinade 60 NIS

Lamb ribs 95 NIS

Our specials

Lamb rib stuffed with rice, ground entrecôte and almonds 105 NIS

Lamb neck stuffed with rice, ground entrecôte and almonds 180 NIS

Mansaf - lamb osso bucco 105 NIS

Spicy Halabi kebab served on a bed of roasted tomatoes and topped with pastry dough 70 NIS

Senya in tahini / tomato sauce 65 NIS

Cornish hen stuffed with rice, ground entrecôte and almonds on an Iraqi pita 55 NIS

Chicken with onions and sumac on an Iraqi pita 60 NIS

Chicken drumstick stuffed with rice, ground entrecôte and almonds 55 NIS

Lamb shoulder stuffed with rice, ground entrecôte and almonds 370 NIS

Pokhara - chunks of lamb with root vegetables (baked in clay dish) 105 NIS

Meat on the Grill - (2 skewers to a portion)

Kebab skewered on cinnamon sticks 65 NIS

Kebab with pine nuts 58 NIS

Spring chicken 54 NIS

Lamb 70 NIS

Beef fillet 90 NIS

Entrecôte 70 NIS

Goose liver 120 NIS

Lamb fat 54 NIS

Chicken liver 50 NIS

Chicken hearts 50 NIS

Children's menu - ask the waiter 38 NIS


Sea bream fried / grilled 72 NIS

Grilled sea bream fillet 78 NIS

Fried St Peter's 60 NIS

Winter Soups

Ask the waiter 25 NIS

All our dishes are served with a side dish of your choice

Mjadra / Green wheat / Baked potatoes


Home made Bavarian cream 20 NIS

Home made pistachio malabi 20 NIS

Chocolate soufflé with a scoop of vanilla ice cream 28 NIS

Canapé (small / large) 24 /45 NIS

Atayef with walnut and cinnamon filling / Atayef with cheese filling 24 NIS

Seasonal fruit 35 NIS